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NameDescription VersionAge SizeDownloads
PostOffice.tar.gz C++ class that handles messaging between windows0.2256 days25.8 kB1092
Adio.tgz Program for radio cards.0.1256 days78.1 kB1160
bzoom-1_0.tgz Better Zoom - Pixel zoomer for AtheOS.1.0256 days35.1 kB1118
zoltrix.tar.gz Driver for Zoltrix Radio cards.0.1256 days19.1 kB1106
isaio.tar.gz Utility to read/write ISA ports through a driver.0.1256 days7.4 kB1189
crect.h A Rect derivative that centres itself on the desktop1.0256 days1.1 kB1757

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