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0.3: Updated & recompiled for 0.5.7.
     Changed to use new Syllable Icon Format. This is experimental and not compatible with
     the current version of Syllable. For now, please use PNG icons.
     The new file format also introduces a concept of states, which makes it possible to change
     the imagery depending on the state of the icon.
     Added "Duplicate" tool, for duplicating bitmaps.
     Added "Generate" tools, for generating scaled-down bitmaps.
     Added various effects.
0.2: Added line tool (draws straight lines).
     Added background pattern so transparency is visible.
     Added cross hair cursor.
     Fixed update bug with rectangle tool.
     Added settings handler, currently window position and grid is persisted.
     Transparent colour is now available for rectangle and line tools on the right mouse button.
0.1: Initial release.