[ d o w n l o a d . i s a k s s o n . t k ]

0.4: Updated & recompiled for 0.5.7
     Localised, and translated to swedish. To translate it into
     your language, simply load atail.catalog into CatFish and edit
     the text strings.
0.3: Added CLI argument parsing and options for window position and
     size, and on which desktop to open the window.
     Changed the items in the popup menu to ImageItems, with icons.
     Added an item to the popup menu: Save.
0.2: Linefeeds are now inserted when a line is longer then the
     internal buffer (currently 256 bytes).
     This is because the current version (0.3.7) of AtheOS writes
     lots of funny "hello"-messages on one line, when I move or
     resize a window... =)
0.1: Initial release