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iconedit.zip (139.2 kB, 256 days old)
IconEdit is an icon editor for Syllable. Features:
  • Supports transparent icons.
  • Loads icons in any Translator-supported format.
  • Handles icon file formats (Syllable icon or Windows ICO) where many images (possibly of different sizes) are embedded in the same file.
  • Saves in Syllable icon format, with options to export as PNG or HEX.
  • Zooming.
  • Optional grid in zoomed in view.
Note: This is an early preview release! Many functions have not been implemented, and numerous bugs should be expected.

The CVS version of Syllable is required to run the included executable. It may also compile on Syllable 0.5.5, but I haven't tested it.

Download iconedit.zip (139.2 kB)