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ATail.zip (51.2 kB, 642 days old)
ATail is a graphic version of "tail -f", that is, it shows new logfile
entries as they are being written.

It can also serve as an example of how to use the OptionParser class, how to
use timers and how to add icons to menus (source code included in the archive).

To see your kernel log in realtime, run:

ATail /var/log/kernel

To see available options, type:

ATail --help


* The OptionParser class does not seem to accept, for instance
  "ATail -d 2", to set the desktop number to 2, while "ATail --desktop=2"
  works fine.

* The shortcuts don't work yet.


2002-04-29  Added CLI argument parsing and options for window position and
            size, and on which desktop to open the window.

            Changed the items in the popup menu to ImageItems, with icons.

            Added an item to the popup menu: Save.

2001-11-03  Linefeeds are now inserted when a line is longer then the
            internal buffer (currently 256 bytes).
            This is because the current version (0.3.7) of AtheOS writes
            lots of funny "hello"-messages on one line, when I move or
            resize a window... =)

To do:

Nothing...? =o)

Download ATail.zip (51.2 kB)